What Does Being Defiant Mean To You?

There’s so much negative stigma around having a Defiant attitude in life.  Why do you think that is?


We think it’s rooted in the fact that people don’t like being challenged and they don’t like having to explain themselves, mostly because they don’t have the answers.  They just go through the motions in life without the desire to be more.


We believe that Defiance is the spirited act of proudly refusing to bow to authority, an unwavering stance against conformity that resonates with the indomitable human spirit.


We believe that Defiance represents the assertion of one's autonomy, an unwavering belief in the power of individual conviction over the pressure to conform.


We believe that in Defiance, rights are fought for, fitness is gained, and progress is achieved. Through this act of rebellion, we find within ourselves the courage to challenge the status quo and forge new paths, reminding us that it is often in disobedience that we discover the strength to transcend to a higher level.


We are Defiant and we are more than a company that sells Sports Bras, Shorts, Leggings, and other CrossFit Apparel & Gymwear, we are a company that believe in growth, standing up for yourself and those around you, community and always taking responsibility.


We are The Defiant Co.